Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Would that 'something is rotten in Israel' be the New Israel Fund? - by Douglas Altabef‏

...I often hear fellow olim (new immigrants to Israel) saying, “I didn’t make aliyah so that … (fill in the grievance).” I understand the sentiment. I didn’t make aliyah to have my future controlled by people who didn’t and wouldn’t make aliyah, but nevertheless feel entitled to tell me how to live my life.

Douglas Altabef‏..
30 April '18..

The New Israel Fund (NIF) is ecstatic over its victory dismantling the Israeli government’s plan to deport illegal migrants from Africa back to friendly, third-party African countries. As the self-described “real opposition” in Israel, the NIF believes it has accomplished a major policy goal.

The NIF is indeed on a roll. Their grantees have been advocating against the self-defense tactics of the IDF at the Gaza border and are also trying to stop the transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem.

There’s just one problem: The NIF is not an Israeli organization. It’s American. The NIF has no seats in the Knesset, nor does it send its children to the Israeli army. If there is conflict in Israel, there is no need for them to find shelter in a safe room, because they are safely ensconced in America.

How are Israelis supposed to react to this state of affairs? Perhaps a hint can be found in how Americans have reacted to the prospect that Russians interfered with the US election in 2016. They were furious that the internal affairs of their country might have been influenced by foreigners.

Americans were rightly concerned that their sovereignty was being compromised by non-Americans who had their own agenda. They were being manipulated by outsiders who might claim they were acting for the benefit of Americans, but were actually pursuing their own agenda.

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