Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Reuters almost got it right about Gaza this time, but... by Sheri Oz

...But they could not just write a whole article without jabbing at Israel, could they? You did not really expect that to happen, did you?

Sheri Oz..
Israel Diries..
08 May '18..

From the title and through the reporting, this is the closest I have seen a major news outlet actually put together a balanced article even tangentially related to Israel in a long time.

The title makes it clear the anger is directed toward the PA and not Israel (for a change). In fact, at the head of the article we learn that:

The Palestinian Authority cut salaries for its staff in Gaza by 20 percent on Thursday and failed to make up for skipping the previous month’s pay, leaving civil servants in the impoverished territory fuming they were pawns in a factional power struggle.

If readers read no further, as often happens, they at least know that the workers in Gaza feel the Palestinian Authority (PA) is playing with their salaries and using them as political pawns. They will also think that Gaza is impoverished. That is an oft-repeated misconception, as this video shows:

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