Thursday, May 17, 2018

Hamas, Gaza and why I won’t be criticising Israel today - by David Collier

I don’t know if there was a way in hindsight to reduce casualties further, but military operations don’t operate in hindsight. It does now seem like almost every fatality was a Hamas operative. What I also know is millions of armchair Generals are pretending they know more than the experts do. Millions of people that are not protecting the state of Israel. The IDF does that.

David Collier..
Beyond the Great Divide..
16 May '18..

One of the reasons I won’t be criticising Israel today is because I am in London. I am not facing 40,000 rioters sent by Hamas to the Israeli border. Instead I am safely tucked away in a relatively secure part of the globe, with the armies of British enemies pushed back through centuries of brutal conflict. Even in the last two decades many have died in the Middle East because the British army, like that of the United States, protects its borders and global interests by fighting it’s battles far from away from our shores. Our enemies are not even allowed to get close to us.

More recently, our streets have remained silent from protest whilst the Syrian conflict has butchered half a million people. Given the absolute silence in the face of real Genocide and ethnic cleansing occurring across the globe, little is more hypocritical than global tears over the deaths of what we know now were mainly Hamas operatives on the Gaza border. One of those nations involved in the Syrian massacres, Turkey, has just expelled the Israeli Ambassador. Turkey? Erdogan is surely having a laugh.

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