Monday, May 21, 2018

Confessions of a Jew who is not sad Hamasniks are dead - by Sheri Oz

...I am sad that we seem to always need to defend our very right to exist as a people. That our supporters have to openly declare that Israel has the right to defend its borders is clearly an indication that it is not the natural given that is afforded to every other country on Earth. We Jews are something else, not quite human.

Sheri Oz..
Israel Diaries..
18 May '18..

I do not mourn the Gazans killed since they began their Great Return March about six weeks ago. If that makes me cold-hearted and a bad person so be it. With every Facebook post or opinion piece that expressed regret over the lives of Gazans snuffed out as Hamas found yet another original and creative way to try to get rid of us Jews, I looked within myself to see if I harbour any sadness along with these good people. Each time, I found none.

I tried to feel sad. It felt like I almost had to feel sad for this loss of life in order to merit continuing to consider myself a member of the caring people of the world.

I am not referring to the writings of those who were blaming Israel for the deaths — No! I am referring to the writing of people who, like me, clearly blame Hamas and point out how Israel has been defending itself against a weaponized existential threat and not a nonviolent demonstration against some “occupation” or “blockade”. Yet, somewhere in their writing, they saw fit to mention that they felt sad for the deaths of the Gazans killed by the IDF. A life is a life, some wrote.

The great majority of the dead were Hamas terrorists hoping to penetrate the border fence and carry out attacks against Israelis, abducting us if they could, and murdering us if they could not. But I see no reason to count their dead. I am not mourning their deaths. One or fifty, the numbers would not affect how I feel. And I do feel deep sadness, but not for their deaths.

I feel almost unbearable sadness for us. Selfish? Perhaps.

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