Thursday, May 17, 2018

An Editorial on Gaza That Perfectly Shows the Media’s Anti-Israel Bias and Hatred - by Adam Levick

Any media outlet that fails to contextualize the current border violence without acknowledging that the Great March of Return has absolutely nothing to do with human rights or “national liberation,” and everything to do with the virulent eliminationist antisemitism of the group directing the violence, is obfuscating hardcore anti-Jewish racism and abdicating its fundamental journalistic duty to tell the truth.

Adam Levick..
16 May '18..

The first thing that stands out in The Guardian’s latest official editorial on the Gaza border riots is the absence of even one use of the word “Hamas” in more than 600 words of text, despite the fact that the violence has been organized and funded by the terror group. This is part of a long Guardian and media pattern of erasing Palestinian actions from the moral calculus of the conflict.

The anti-Israel agitprop and lies masquerading as progressive thought begin in the headline: “The Guardian view on Gaza shootings: stop killing unarmed civilians.”

First, contrary to the headline’s claim, hundreds of demonstrators have in fact been “armed” with molotov cocktails and other weapons and incendiary devices. Further, not only civilians are “protesting.” Palestinian terrorists from Hamas and Islamic Jihad have been present and are among the key instigators of the clashes.

Then, there’s the strap line:

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