Sunday, May 27, 2018

Why the Media’s Palestine Narrative Reads Like Fan Fiction - by Matthew R.J. Brodsky

Recent events in Gaza demonstrate the growing chasm between reporting and reality.

Matthew R.J. Brodsky..
The Weekly Standard..
25 May '18..

The growing chasm between reality and reporting regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict was in stark relief during the recent events in Gaza. The prevailing narrative was that strong-armed Israelis were shooting and killing unarmed peaceful Palestinian protesters, when in fact there were a series of violent riots planned by Hamas as cover while they attempted to breach the security fence, pour into Israel, and kidnap or kill Israelis. The majority of those killed were terrorists or affiliated with Gaza-based terrorist movements, which is information provided by the terrorist groups themselves.

Regardless of how one feels about Israel or the Palestinian quest for statehood, establishing what happened should have been a straightforward task given the abundance of verifiable evidence as the events unfolded. Unfortunately, this grotesque failure to report facts accurately or put them in context reached this point after several decades during which news outlets cemented the conflict narrative as a story focused on Israeli actions alone.

A comprehensive explanation for this behavior was offered by Matti Friedman in his August 2014 Tablet magazine article “An Insider’s Guide to the Most Important Story on Earth.” As a reporter and editor in the Jerusalem bureau of the Associated Press from 2006 to 2011, he witnessed the prevailing narrative take hold and concluded, “Many of the people deciding what you will read and see from here view their role not as explanatory but as political. Coverage is a weapon to be placed at the disposal of the side they like.”

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