Thursday, July 21, 2016

Appreciating the true fruits of education in Palestinian schools - by Elder of Ziyon

...This direct correlation between education and support for terror is damning to the Palestinian educational system. It is significant evidence that Palestinian schools teach hate and support for terrorism.

Elder of Ziyon..
20 July '16..

The Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PSR) released the findings of a poll last month in which they highlighted that Palestinian support for knife attacks had been decreasing:

Findings show a continued and significant drop, particularly in the West Bank, in support for stabbing attacks. The highest percentage of support for such attacks was registered six months ago before it considerably declined three months ago. ....Findings show that support for use of knives in the current confrontations with Israel continues to decline in this poll, dropping from 58% three months ago to 51%. Support for knifing attacks in the Gaza Strip stands at 75% and in the West Bank at 36%. Three months ago, support among West Bankers for knifing attacks stood at 44% and among Gazans at 82%.

Great news, right? Only half of Palestinians support stabbing random Jews! Perhaps we should reward them with a few billion dollars for such a wonderful moderation.

But buried in the results came the answer to another survey question:

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