Thursday, July 14, 2016

NGO Transparency Law: How To Really Defy Unscrupulous Discrimination - by Sheri Oz

...Individual donors have every right to remain anonymous. After all, they represent only themselves. Governments cannot remain anonymous because they represent the vested interests of nations whose interests may or may not coincide with those of our country. If you think you know what is best for Israel, and think you can conduct domestic and foreign relations better than our elected leadership, maybe you should run for Prime Minister rather than operating an NGO whose source of funds you feel you must keep secret.

Sheri Oz..
Israel Diaries..
14 July '16..

There is something you can do about the Transparency Law if you really think it unscrupulously discriminates against left-wing organizations.

In criticizing the passage of the Transparency Bill into Law, the Left is attempting to paint the Law as blatantly discriminating against organizations that operate in opposition to the views of the right wing government. The New Israel Fund (NIF), associated with many of the affected NGOs, disapproves of the law.

While the pretext for this bill is greater “transparency,” what it really does is create a series of new hoops that organizations that criticize Israeli government policy must now jump through or face huge fines. Targeted to progressive organizations, especially human rights organizations, that receive foreign government funding, the bill deliberately avoids requiring funding transparency of right-wing and settler organizations, which receive millions each year from foreign individuals.

I must admit that I just don’t get what all the fuss is about. Why should you have a problem revealing the identity of those who support your own goals? I once ran an NGO. If some French government body had wanted to donate money to the operation of my NGO, I would have proudly shouted it from the rooftops, unless the French government told me not to and made their donation to me dependent upon my silence, that is. Your anger at having to reveal the sources of your funds sounds fishy to me.

As I think more and more about the fuss the Left is making about the Transparency Law, the more confused I get. Here are the things I am confused about:

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