Friday, July 8, 2016

An Open Letter to Gideon Levy - by Paula Stern

...I know that the soldiers will mature, will go on to live productive lives, marry, have children and always remember that they are alive today because they didn’t listen to self-hating Jews who were ready to plan their funerals. Those soldiers will be strong and good citizens of our country. They will dedicate their lives to protecting this land and hoping that someday that strong stand will lead to a meaningful and real peace agreement. I can only wish that we could say the same about you.

Paula R. Stern..
A Soldier's Mother..
08 July '16..

Some background for those of you who don't know (probably most of the world). Gideon Levy has been writing for Haaretz for over 30 years, he is a bastion of the Israel left, valiantly rushing to defend the poor Palestinian agenda against all facts and truths. He is, what many of us term, a "self-hating Jew." Before I begin my letter, I’d like to take a second what that means. A self-hating person is someone who acts to harm himself, believing he is beneath contempt, without value or self-esteem. A self-hating Jew, however, is typically not so much concerned with bettering himself as ensuring that others live up to standards that are not only beyond the norm, but also self-defeating. A person who has a gun in their hands and is attacked by someone wielding a machete has little choice. Die or kill. A self-hating Jew will offer to arrange the funeral. The execution will take place, regardless of what choice the person takes. If they choose to die, the funeral will be physical and attended by many human rights activists, financed by the likes of George Soros, and hailed by the Obama administration.

If the Jew decides to use the gun, there will still be a funeral. This time, it will be in the media, attended by a world that would more than likely have used a bomb to kill the attacker, rather than only the gun that was in their hands. Gideon Levy, of course, decided to comment on a news story that touched me personally this week. A female terrorist attempted to stab two soldiers at a bus stop in the area where my son's unit is now stationed. The attack, in its entirety, was videotaped on a car camera as the driver saw the attack and pulled to the side. The camera rolls and documents. There is no excuse, no question that this was clearly a terror attack and the soldiers acted in their own defense and that of any innocent civilian in the area (there were, though they do not appear on the video). Gideon's attempt to twist what was there can be read here (wow, do I hate to link to Haaretz). From the misleading title onward, Levy attempts to spin the tail. He fails miserably, as his paper usually does. Here's wh

An Open Letter to Gideon Levy,

Dear Gideon,

It’s hard to write to you without wondering if I’ll have to cleanse my keyboard and computer; whether it will forever be tainted by having wasted this time and effort. This week, we were provided with the perfect scenario. Every soldier’s mother’s nightmare and every advocates dream. The video was very clear. The soldiers did not attack Jamila Jabbar, who wished to martyr herself on Allah’s bed of hatred. Jabbar attacked them.

The video is so amazingly clear, I’m surprised you didn’t take the more obvious option of claiming it was staged. Yes, Jabbar approaches the soldiers slowly. By her actions, we are all pretty sure slow is a good description not only for the pace she walks, but her mental capacity as well.

The soldiers back away from her. Even you…wow, even you admit the soldiers did all in their power to avoid the very confrontation she demanded. They backed away, calling to her to stop. She continued. And then, you contradict yourself. “In the blink of an eye”? Well, Gideon, if there was enough time for her to advance several meters, for the soldiers to react and pull back…clearly, that eye was doing more than blinking.

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