Sunday, December 3, 2017

Understanding Jordan's ruler King Abdullah II and his "holistic" approach to terror - by Arnold Roth

...And what does the Royal Hashemite Palace and its central personage say to all this? Nothing, and nor can we expect them to for so long as he and they continue to be absurdly feted as central players in their "holistic" struggle to defeat the terrorists. Just so long as they're not Jordanian terrorists.

Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
03 December '17..

Regular readers know we pay more than the usual amount of attention to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It's where our daughter Malki's murderer lives free as a bird.

And even though

- she has boasted over and again for the cameras and the media of her central role in the 2001 bombing attack on the people inside Jerusalem's Sbarro pizzeria; and

- she confessed in an Israeli court in 2003 to the calculated murder of 15 innocent victims, most of them children, and to having done this on behalf of the Islamist terror regime, Hamas, whose first-ever female terror agent she is reputed to be; and

- the US government, the US Department of Justice and the FBI want her arrested and extradited to face Federal charges in a Washington court

Jordan's ruler King Abdullah II, aware of her celebrity status among his people, has stubbornly presided over a series of measures whose effect is to spit in the eye of the Americans, to deny the validity of the 1995 Jordan/US Extradition Treaty and to ensure one of his kingdom's - and the Arab world's - most admired females remains free to pursue her career of incitement to terrorism, Islamist values and the murder of Jewish children.

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