Sunday, December 17, 2017

One ex-State Department official’s obsession with creating ‘Palestine’ - by Stephen M. Flatow

...Despite the ongoing Palestinian terrorism against Israel, despite the non-stop PA incitement to murder, despite the PA corruption and totalitarianism that prove it cannot run a civilized state—Makovsky and Indyk devoted themselves to trying to become the godfathers of “Palestine.”

Stephen M. Flatow..
15 December '17..

“Creating a full-blown Palestinian state in virtually all the West Bank…would be a reward to the suicide bombers who have terrorized Israel…It would invite more terrorism…It would send the terrible message that terrorism pays.”

That’s what journalist-turned-State Department “peace processor” David Makovsky once wrote. Yet today, the very same Makovsky is campaigning for the creation of a full-blown Palestinian state in virtually all of that region and the mass expulsion of 100,000 Jews from their homes.

What gives?

Makovsky’s declaration opposing a Palestinian state appeared on the op-ed page of the Los Angeles Times on June 14, 2002. The problem with demanding a Palestinian state, Makovsky wrote, was that it ignored the behavior of the Palestinian leadership—“the terrorism, smuggling, lying, corruption and mismanagement” of the Palestinian Authority (PA).

He ridiculed Palestinian statehood advocates for saying, in effect, “let’s wipe the slate clean and give the Palestinians everything [they are demanding]—a virtual return to the 1967 borders.” Doing that would “reward” terrorists and thereby “invite more terrorism,” Makovsky wrote. And, of course, he was right.

In the years since then, the PA has continued its terrorism, smuggling, lying, corruption and mismanagement. In fact, the PA’s track record is even worse now, because at the time Makovsky was writing, it had been doing those things for only eight years. Now the PA has a 23-year record of terrorism and corruption.

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