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The Palestinian masquerade - by Dror Eydar

...Philistines, Canaanites, Jebusites, what does it matter anyway? The important thing is that they were already around when the father of the glorious Palestinian nation handed a match to God to spark the cosmic bang that created the world.

Dror Eydar..
Israel Hayom..
29 December '17..


So, without anyone noticing, under the radar of Israeli discourse, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas made some unbelievable remarks at the recent emergency meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, held in Istanbul, Turkey on Dec. 13. The summit was headed by another avid Israel lover – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan – with the aim of devising a plan of action after U.S. President Donald Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital the previous week.

Jerusalem has always been a kind of litmus test of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It forces us to confront the mythical, religious aspects that the West (as well as many among us) has been working so hard to escape. It touches on the issues surrounding the identity of the Jewish people, who have returned to Zion – another name for Jerusalem. This is the root of, and the engine behind, all of Zionism and the Jews' 2,000-year longing to return home. Hence the deep-seated objection displayed by Islam (and parts of Christianity).

About six months ago, Israel Hayom conducted a poll that demonstrated unequivocally that the vast majority of Israelis were not willing to compromise on Israeli sovereignty over the Old City of Jerusalem, even if it meant a signed peace agreement.


I love footnotes. Treasures omitted from the main text can often be found there. As part of his diplomatic-political address, Abbas presented his captive audience with his take on the historical and theological basis for the war between Islam and the Jews. His remark, outlining the raison d'etre of this conflict, was tacked on to his main address like a footnote.

"This land is the birthplace of Jesus," he said. "Jesus Christ was a Palestinian, take note of that."

"Yes, believe in our right and God's promise to us, that this holy Palestinian city, since it was founded by the Canaanite Jebusites 5,000 years ago, was and will be the only capital of our independent state, under the sovereignty of the state of Palestine."

"This is also a good opportunity to note that I don't want to discuss history or religion, because there is no one better at falsifying history or religion than them [the Jews]. But if we read the Torah, it says that we, i.e., the Canaanites, lived here before Abraham and haven't left since that time. It hasn't been interrupted. That's in the Torah. If they want to fabricate, 'to distort the words from their [proper] usages,' as God said [a reference to Sura 4 of the Quran that mentions Jews who falsified the Torah]. I don't want to get into religion. We don't want the issue to become a religious issue. We just want to prove that we are here, and we have an eternal right to this city [Jerusalem] and to other cities."


So according to Abbas, Jesus was Palestinian and Jebusite Jerusalem was never the capital city of any nation other than the Palestinians since time immemorial. Furthermore, the Palestinians are actually Canaanites, and God promised them this holy city before Abraham came along, and so on.

We are laughing now, aren't we? It's not just one lie, but a culture of lies. The Arab leader's simple ability to stand in front of the world and lie in a way that almost seems like he is trying to convince himself. Jerusalem has always been the capital of the Palestinian nation? Really? But no nation ever ruled here other than the Jewish nation and its various Jewish kingdoms!

Before I begin a brief analysis of Abbas' text, I want to make a little side note: When Abbas says that it's "in the Torah," does he realize that, even if we accept the nonsense that the Palestinians are Canaanites, in the Torah, the Canaanites are actually expelled and the land is given to the Israelites? Not just to the sons of Abraham, but also to Isaac (over Ismael), and to Jacob (over Esau). The same thing appears in the Quran as well – that Allah gave this land to the Israelites and ordered the Canaanites expelled after they defiled it.

Here are a number of verses from Sura 5 of the Quran: "Recall that Moses said to his people, O my people, remember God's blessings upon you: He appointed prophets from among you, made you kings, and granted you what He never granted any other people. O my people, enter the holy land that God has decreed for you, and do not rebel, lest you become losers."

You see, Mr. Abbas, it's not just in the Torah. The Quran, too, instructs the Jews not to retreat but rather to inherit the holy land. When you fight your war of lies against our right to this good land, you are in fact fighting against Allah.


But the real issue runs deeper than that. What actually lies behind Abbas' deception is a borrowed identity – a disguise he used to dress up Israel's Arabs in order to edge us out of our rightful home. The Arabs here are looking for an identity that will distinguish them from the rest of the Arabs in the region. What do they have, actually? Mainly a negative identity – one that doesn't go too much beyond negating our existence. They tried to destroy us a number of times, but when they failed, they adjusted their battle to one of identity. The historical leap to the Canaanite period, and willfully forgetting the Jewish aspect of Jerusalem, is an attempt to destroy the historical memory of the Jewish people.

What Canaanites live in Jebus (a former name of Jerusalem) – Abbas' ancestors?! What does Abbas possess of their culture or their memories in his daily life? Would anyone have even heard of Jebus had it not appeared in the Bible? And more importantly: Those who made Jerusalem what it is – the city of kings and prophets – are solely the Jews. That is why the Muslims built their house of worship on the site of our holy temple. To declare that they would inherit from us. Just like the Christians in their day. That is the essence of replacement theology.

This also applies to the incredible assertion that Jesus was Palestinian. Why just Jesus? Why not the Adam and Eve? This comparison is actually veiled anti-Semitism, as it implies that those who crucified Jesus were not the Romans but rather the Jews, and that the Palestinians are the Jesus of our times. And just as Herod's soldiers killed Jewish babies to prevent the savior from being born, according to the New Testament (a late adaptation of the story of Pharaoh, the Israelite babies who were thrown into the river and the birth of Moses), Israeli soldiers are killing Palestinian babies, according to the Palestinian narrative that is being spread around the world. The Palestinians are experts at identity theft.


Let's not get confused: The disguise is temporary, until they find the next one that suits their purposes. It is meant to mask the real story – that the Palestinian Arabs are being used by the Arab and Islamic world to undo their great shame: the Arab defeat and the Jews' return to Zion despite their best efforts. The Arab states' colossal failure in ensuring the well-being of their citizens, in cultivating science, in building strong economies, in providing higher education, hurts so much more when they compare themselves to the "yahoud" – which they often describe as "descendants of pigs and monkeys."

This insult hurts the famous Arab pride, and warrants sacrificing the lives of Middle Eastern Arabs just so that the Jews won't be here. Our sages called this "midat sdom" (the character trait of the people of Sodom): If I can't have it, you can't have it.

Philistines, Canaanites, Jebusites, what does it matter anyway? The important thing is that they were already around when the father of the glorious Palestinian nation handed a match to God to spark the cosmic bang that created the world.

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