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BTW, Need Proof Israel Should Punish Parents When Kids Throw Stones? - by Sheri Oz

...This 7-year-old child’s father very clearly taught him not to throw stones at Arab owned cars. And by the absence of parental punishment when he threw stones at an Israeli bus — only the Jew (probably a Jew), who did not know where he lived, was angry at him — he learned that it is quite okay (perhaps even desirable?) to stone Israelis. Who should be punished, then, when kids throw stones at Israelis? Perhaps the only rehabilitation available to minors in such a situation is to punish their parents. And to punish them in a meaningful way. In a way that will overcome any desire they may have for the rewards of having raised a Palestinian Arab child who becomes a shaheed.

Sheri Oz..
Israel Diaries..
20 December '17..

I found that proof while researching an article on a different topic. Let me first provide some background to the question and then tell you what I found.

Over the past decade, Israel has been wrestling with the question regarding how to best respond when children under the age of criminal responsibility (age 12) throw stones at Israeli targets. In 2010, for example, the Knesset Committee for Rights of the Child held a session examining just that. For some reason, police participants seemed to think parents were trying to restrain their children and blamed older children or other adults for inciting kids and expressed the desire to work with parents to curtail stone throwing on the part of minors. (Pardon me as I give myself a moment to recover from my shock at this magnanimity.)

In September this year, the High Court of Justice heard arguments concerning a law proposed in 2015 that would rescind National Insurance child allowances to parents whose children are found guilty of stone throwing. The question facing the court concerns the legality or illegality of such a move. The question I ask concerns whether or not that is punishment enough.

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