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Anti-Zionist Jews And Anti-Palestinian Arabs! - by Sheri Oz

...The anti-Palestinian does not seek to kill off all Arabs who identify as Palestinians. It just means that the individual does not believe in a sovereign Palestinian Arab state. The anti-Palestinian would like to see the Arab states take responsibility for the Arab refugees of 1948 in the same way Israel took care of the equal number of Jewish refugees from Arab countries, in addition to those from Europe who survived World War II. In other words, being anti-Palestinian is not being anti-Arab. In spite of this, I have not seen any anti-Palestinian Arabs, whether they are anti-Zionist or pro-Zionist. The anti-Zionist, however,...

Sheri Oz..
Israel Diaries..
06 December '17..

We know there are anti-Zionist Jews. Are there anti-Palestinian Arabs?

To be anti-Zionist means to believe that Israel has no right to exist; that Jews have no right to a sovereign state of their own. To be anti-Palestinian means to believe, not only that a state of Palestine never existed in the past, but that the Palestinian Arabs have no right to a sovereign state of their own today or in the future.

What is interesting is that one can be well aware that there was never a Palestinian “people” or state in the past, and yet believe that a Palestinian Arab “people” exists today, regardless of how it came into being, and that they deserve a sovereign state of their own. In contrast, one can believe/know that the Jewish People is an ancient people, that it lived on the land that is now the modern State of Israel plus Judea & Samaria, that Jerusalem was always its capital and, yet, that the Jewish People have no right to sovereignty in modern times over at least some of these lands.

This latter opinion is an expression of antisemitism, whether it is voiced as a vote for a one-state solution in which Arabs would be the majority or a two-state-solution within indefensible borders and a Jew-free Palestine.

We hear anti-Zionist sentiments expressed by many Jews, both those in Israel and those in the Diaspora. Until recently, however, we have not heard anti-Palestinian sentiments expressed by Arabs, whether they are Israeli Arabs or Palestinian Arabs living in either the Palestinian Authority (PA) or elsewhere;

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