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That age-old Palestinian craft that goes all the way back to 1922 - when the British imported Armenian families - by Elder of Ziyon

...So there is no "Palestinian" tradition of decorative ceramics. It is an Armenian tradition. And the Arabs were not the ones to import the Armenians to renovate the Dome of the Rock - the British colonialists were!

Elder of Ziyon..
12 December '17..

One of the examples given of Palestinian crafts is the creation of hand-made ceramic tiles.

If you look at Shop Palestine, you can see the description of the handmade ceramics they sell. But something about it is interesting:

Fakhoury Pottery and Karakashian Pottery in Hebron and Jerusalem respectively supply our beautiful handpainted ceramics. The Fakhoury’s come from a long line of potters and, in fact, the name Fakhoury even means “potter” in Arabic. Their shop is located in the old city of Hebron where Israeli soldiers and settlers routinely physically and verbally harass Palestinians. Despite the difficulties, the family is determined to keep their store open and their craft alive. The Karakashian studio in Jerusalem continues the family tradition that began in 1922 when Megerditch Karakashian came to Jerusalem to help renovate the Dome of the Rock.

You can read a bit more detail about the history of this craft from the webpage of Armenian Ceramics in Jerusalem, whose Balian family were the original partners of the Karakashians mentioned above

The Balian Family of Jerusalem has been producing exclusive hand painted ceramic tiles and pottery since 1922.
This makes us one of the oldest-if not the oldest- business in existence in Jerusalem.

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