Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Israel As A Settler-Colonial Project: An Academic Make-Believe Story for the Gullible Scholar - by Sheri Oz

...It seems that, for many people, academics included, history only began with World War I as if previous non-Western colonialist enterprises, such as the huge Moslem invasion of North Africa (and southern Europe) had not happened, but that the Arabs had always been where they could be found at the end of that war.

Sheri Oz..
Israel Diaries..
04 December '17..

The paper I am looking at right now, written by the late Australian anthropologist Patrick Wolfe, was published in 2006 and has so far been cited in 1132 other articles. That is a very large number of citations. What this means is that at least 1132 scholars have seen fit to use this paper as a reference for their work, a paper that has served as a basis for calling Israel a settler-colonial project; four new papers citing Wolfe were published just in the past 10 days . Over 400 of those citing it used it in order to specifically promote lies about Israel, including academics writing about “Israeli settler-colonialism” while working at an Israeli university; I did not find even one article that contested the views about Israel presented in Wolfe’s paper. About 98 articles talked about Jews specifically and 154 about Zionists. Keep in mind that each of these articles citing Wolfe are, themselves, cited by other academics and so Wolfe’s influence can grow exponentially. My critique will not count as a citation because it is not published in an academic journal.

While the article includes references to a number of countries, let me show you what it says about Israel and why these are lies (I leave it to experts in other regions to critique what it says about them).

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