Monday, December 11, 2017

A World That Throws Hissy Fits Over Jerusalem - by Judith Bergman

...That is what it apparently takes to get Muslims in the West to demonstrate. Not the rape and sexual enslavement of thousands of Yazidi children and women by Muslims fighting for ISIS in Syria and Iraq, while their husbands and fathers were tortured and murdered; Not the torture, murder and general oppression of Christians in the Middle East; Not even the murder of their own Muslim brethren in the Middle East or elsewhere. No, none of these affects them.

Judith Bergman..
10 December '17..

President Donald Trump’s acknowledgment of the reality of the status of Jerusalem – namely that it is the capital of Israel and has been such for 3,000 years – shone a light of truth on more than just the realities of the region.

It also dramatically illuminated the true colors of much of the world community, whose members reacted to the speech with hysterical hissy fits unworthy of preschoolers. It was especially revealing of the member states of the European Union that never cease to babble on about ‘human rights’, yet always stop short of including the rights of the Jewish people.

The speech naturally became an excuse for the adherents of the ‘religion of peace’ to show just how peaceful they really are. Muslims across Europe turned out to demonstrate against the acknowledgment of a contemporary and historical fact. Interestingly enough, this was less so in Israel, to the great disappointment of the international media, which outnumbered the actual Arab rioters.

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