Monday, December 18, 2017

Surprise? NY Times: Western Wall Should Be Used As ‘Leverage’ - by Simon Plosker

...If the New York Times believes that Israeli control over the Western Wall is up for debate or is afraid of upsetting the Muslim world over Jewish holy sites, then its editorial board really has no moral compass.

Simon Plosker..
Honest Reporting..
17 December '17..

The New York Times is perfectly entitled to muse over whether US President Donald Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is a good idea.

The NYTimes editorial on the subject goes further however.

Since when was the Western Wall “another piece of leverage” to be conceded?

Newsflash New York Times: The Western Wall won’t “eventually be declared part of Israel.” It’s already part of Israel and is the holiest site that Jews can pray. It doesn’t only abut “some of Islam’s most sacred sites.” Whether the NY Times likes it or not, the Western Wall happens to abut the Temple Mount, Judaism’s most sacred site.

It’s not only the White House that expects the Western Wall to be part of Israel. Is there really anyone apart from the worst extremists who believes that the Western Wall won’t remain under Israeli control whether there is an agreement or not?

This isn’t “taking Israel’s side on an explosive issue” – it’s reiterating one of the few consensus issues that exists in any so-called peace process.

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