Monday, December 11, 2017

NY Times Finally Shows Some Improvement in Anti-Israel Bias - by Ira Stoll

...Against those six articles — more than one a day — the Times deemed fit to print only two on the other side of the issue. One was by Bret Stephens, and the other was by Shmuel Rosner. They were both fine, but pro-Israel Times readers have a right to wonder — where are the other four pieces in favor of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital that the newspaper would have to print to achieve even a 50-50 balance on the issue? Without them, the newspaper looks as if it’s trying to serve an audience that denies Israel’s capital, and as if it is using Stephens and Rosner to cloak its anti-Israel coverage with a veneer of respectability. I suppose six to two is modestly better than the seven to two tilt on the Iran deal, at least until or unless the Times chooses to publish one more anti-Israel piece on Jerusalem in addition to the six it already has published. Some improvement.

Ira Stoll..
10 December '17..

The New York Times is gradually improving.

That’s the happiest face to put on the slight improvement in how the newspaper’s editorial and op-ed page greeted President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, compared with how it treated Trump’s decision on the Iran nuclear deal.

Back in October, the Times published seven editorial or opinion pieces in favor of Trump keeping the deal, and just two opposing it, a tally that I described at the time as “lopsided,” and an “unprecedented Times onslaught of cheerleading for the Iran nuclear deal.”

It sure looks like the Times took that criticism to heart and has made a real effort to provide more balanced coverage. This time around, on the Jerusalem decision, the Times also published two articles representing what might be called a pro-Israel perspective. And instead of seven articles on the other side, the Times has published (at least as of this writing), a mere six.

Got that? Instead of seven anti-Israel op-eds or editorials for each two pro-Israel pieces published, the Times has slightly ratcheted back its bias, so that there’s only a six to two ratio of disparity.

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