Monday, April 23, 2018

The NY Times’ Roger Cohen Laments Israeli Self-Defense - by Jerold Auerbach

...To be sure, Cohen is not alone at the Times, which has had a problem with Zionism ever since Adolph Ochs purchased the newspaper in 1896, several months after Herzl published The Jewish State. The very idea of Jewish statehood, to say nothing of its reality half a century later, provoked unrelenting consternation at the Times, which was determined to resist any intimation that it was a “Jewish” newspaper. It buried the Holocaust in its inside pages, declined to support the admission of desperate Jewish refugees to the United States, and warned that support for Zionism would ignite allegations of divided loyalty.

Jerold Auerbach..
22 April '18..

Among the court Jews, Roger Cohen of The New York Times leads the coterie identifiable as “ashamed Jews.” He laments Israel’s defense of its borders and by extension its citizens as the despicable and reckless exercise of power, periodically wringing his hands and twisting his mind in the attempt to find appropriate words of condemnation.

Back in December, he deplored President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Echoing left-wing historian Tom Segev, who assailed the “strong nationalism and strong religion” that has supposedly transformed the Jewish state into a “colonialist power,” Cohen labeled Israel an “ethno-religious Jewish state.”

One month later he reported on his visit to Hebron, where he ostensibly encountered “the biological metaphors of classic racism” driven by “a fanatical settler movement.” This in King David’s first capital, where the patriarchs and matriarchs of the Jewish people are buried. His mentor, predictably, was a founder of the left-wing anti-settlement group Breaking the Silence. Seemingly oblivious to the place of Hebron in Jewish history, Cohen lacerated Hebron’s Jews without any indication that he conversed with a single one of them.

Cohen’s most recent lamentation, published April 20, focused on Israel’s alleged “insanity,” evidenced by its “stomach turning” reliance on “a disproportionate military response” to Gazans, mobilized by Hamas, who have been attempting to breach Israel’s border.

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