Tuesday, April 3, 2018

60 Minutes On The Steps Outside Of Kiryat Arba - by Sheri Oz

...Perhaps one or two more times there and I will also lose that eerie feeling, but hopefully not the wonderment at being at the spot at which the Jewish people began being a People and the miracle of being a People still, thousands of years later.

Sheri Oz..
Israel Diaries..
01 April '18..

I went to Kiryat Arba for the Passover Seder this year and I want to tell you something about my visit.

Kiryat Arba is a town of about 8000 Jews, founded in 1968, just one year after Judea and Samaria were liberated from twenty years of Jordanian occupation. It is on the outskirts of Hebron, the original center of Israelite life and the place where our peoplehood was established. The Cave of the Patriarchs (Ma’arat HaMachpelah), the burial site of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rivka and Leah, features prominently in Hebron. In spite of its centrality to us, there are many Jews who think we should get out of Hebron and Kiryat Arba and let it become part of the Palestinian state they believe should arise. And they think I should not support its existence by going there.

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The day after the Seder, I began the walk down from Kiryat Arba to Ma’arat HaMachpelah. It was a beautiful day.

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