Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Is the cheese on the “free” Palestinian protest pizza imported from Israel? - by Ira Stoll

...So while the international press, including the Times, promotes the myth of Gaza starving under an Israeli “blockade,” nongovernmental organizations simultaneously complain that Gaza is so flooded with cheap Israeli dairy products that local producers can’t afford to compete. Is the cheese on the “free” Palestinian protest pizza imported from Israel? Finding out could be a good New York Times story, but don’t expect to read about it there anytime soon.

Ira Stoll..
16 April '18..

As the pre-planned violent riots in Gaza plod on, The New York Times coverage of them is starting to show its own internal contradictions.

A recent Times editorial had recommended that Israel defend its border with “nonlethal tactics common to law enforcement, such as the use of high-powered fire hoses.”

Lo and behold, it turns out that the Israelis have been doing precisely that already. The Times news columns now report:

After protesters burned tires to obscure the soldiers’ view and rolled them toward the fence, the Israelis brought in giant industrial fans to disperse the thick black smoke and powerful water cannons to douse the fires. Soldiers have fired countless volleys of tear gas to try to push back crowds of demonstrators….nearly 1,000 [rioters] have inhaled tear gas; 300 have been hit by rubber bullets.”

Just as contradictory as the Times reporting on Israel’s use of nonlethal force has been its reporting in economic conditions in Gaza. One Times dispatch managed simultaneously to refer to Gaza’s “collapsing economy” and report as well that at one of the riot sites, “Once a day or so, a delivery arrives with free slices of pizza or cakes.”

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