Friday, April 27, 2018

Palestinian Nazi flags, kite bombs and Hamas talking points - by Sean Durns

...While many in the media have fixated on the “economic misery” of everyday Palestinians as a chief factor in the demonstrations, few have noted that a violent anti-Semitic terrorist group is clearly ill-suited to governing. To do so would require discussing Palestinian Nazi flags, kite bombs and human shields. And that would mean departing from the Hamas-approved scripts.

Sean Durns..
26 April '18..

For several weeks now, Hamas, the U.S.-designated terror group that rules the Gaza Strip, has been sending terrorists—interspersed with unarmed civilians serving as human shields—to try and infiltrate the Israel-Gaza border in a propaganda push that they call the “March of Return.” Hamas has been aided by a frequently uncritical press that, more often than not, serves the terrorist organization’s objectives, often by omitting crucial details.

No nation on earth would allow a terrorist group committed to its destruction to mass on its borders and violate its sovereignty. But no other country is held to the double standard that the Jewish state is. And no other nation is the victim of such pernicious—and unmistakable—media bias.

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