Thursday, April 26, 2018

‘No,’ Mr. Schindler, there is no ‘occupation’ - by Stephen M. Flatow

Educator Sam Schindler’s notions about Israel and the Palestinians seem to have been frozen in his adolescence. He’s so angry about having been “deprived” by his own teachers that he hasn’t noticed how much the Middle East has changed.

Mr. Schindler. It’s time you started
telling your students the truth about it.
Stephen M. Flatow..
25 April '18..

A Pennsylvania high school teacher, who says he was deprived as a teenager, is now taking it out on his students—by lying to them about Israel.

Sam Schindler, co-founder and history teacher at the Stone Independent School, a private school in Lancaster, Pa., explains in The Forward this week how the “truth” about Israel was hidden from him. His teachers only taught him about the positive side Israel, he complains. “What was kept from me then were images of the occupation, of pulverized houses, of bloody civilians and of terrified children. … The occupation or lives of Palestinians never appeared.”

So now, Schindler is getting his revenge. He’s been teaching his students at Stone Independent all about “the occupation and oppression.”

And—big surprise—at the end of last semester’s course, Schindler is proud to laud their findings. He notes that “the class collectively reached a universal conclusion about Israel and Palestine: The oppression of Palestinians is not sustainable, nor is it justifiable.”

Dear Stone students, I’m sorry to tell you that Mr. Schindler has been lying to you.

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