Friday, April 27, 2018

Associated Press Exposes Hamas Definition of ‘Non-Violence’ - by Simon Plosker

Why have the media given a free pass to Hamas and Palestinian rioters when it comes to defining what non-violence is? The Associated Press has written a decent article. It looks, however, that the wire service didn’t follow through and reach the obvious conclusions : Hamas and non-violence aren’t exactly a marriage made in heaven.

Simon Plosker..
Honest Reporting..
26 April '18..

The Associated Press may deserve credit for its story on Hamas’s apparent embrace of ‘non-violence’ but did the wire service even realize the alternate reality its journalists uncovered?

The story opens as follows:

In a sit-in tent camp near the Gaza border with Israel, a lecturer answered questions from activists grappling with the concept of non-violent protest.

They asked what’s allowed, listing different actions. Throwing stones and holding rallies is permitted, he said. Throwing firebombs is a “maybe” and using knives a definite “no.”

So it appears that anything that doesn’t involve suicide bombings, rocket attacks, shootings or stabbings is now classified as “non-violent” according to Hamas and Palestinian activists.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines violence as behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.

It also defines it as the unlawful exercise of physical force or intimidation by the exhibition of such force.

In either of these definitions, throwing stones or firebombs would be considered to be an act of violence. In any civilized society, these actions would be both unacceptable and unlawful.

So why then has the media adopted the Hamas definition of non-violence, which simply allows Palestinians to carry out dictionary defined acts of violence as long as they happen to be carried out without the aid of a gun or knife?

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