Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Self-Delusion of Abbas Mythology - by Mitchell Bard

...Abbas still has fans in the West, especially those who believe in the Arabist view that Israel needs to be saved from itself. One of the traits of Arabists is that their convictions cannot be shaken by evidence. Therefore, they continue to assert that Abbas is a partner for peace and that America should not only support him, but pressure Israel to capitulate to his demands.

Mitchell Bard..
07 March '18..

A recent article in The Atlantic about “The Tragedy of Mahmoud Abbas” noted: “In him, the world saw a reformist, a leader who could get the Palestinians to the table and possibly clear the hurdle of the two-state solution.”

This was the mythical Abbas who never really existed. But this myth allowed the Palestinian Authority president to become the world’s favorite Palestinian.

Only now, according to the same article, has the world woken up to the realization that Abbas has “morphed into a bureaucratic tyrant at home, hostile to America and downright incendiary towards Israel.”

The truth is that Abbas was never a moderate, never recognized as a leader of the Palestinians and never willing or able to reach a peace agreement with Israel.

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