Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Supporters of official Palestine: Are they naive or just accepting of indiscriminate murder?

...“Ironically, what started out two decades ago under the pretense of a PA program to rehabilitate Palestinians convicted of violence against Israelis has become an incentive program for committing acts of terrorism.” Many of those who admire the Palestinians from a distance must imagine them as likeable victims, people just campaigning for the rights they believe they deserve. But the true story is much more complicated.

Robert Fulford..
National Post..
10 March '17..

In their struggle against Israel, the Palestinians have developed an enormous fan base in the countries of the West, particularly among university students.

The campuses are full of busy boycotters, divesters and sanction-seekers who believe they are serving what they hope Palestine will become, though so far these efforts have been more symbolic than effective. And there are multitudes of citizens, apparently, who stand behind every anti-Israel declaration the United Nations can cram onto its agenda.

Are these people naive? Do they know even a little about the reality they are supporting? Are the university students signing on to BDS because it’s the fashion or because they like the Palestinian recruiter and think you’ve got to belong to something?

Those questions occurred to me when I read that the PLO gave the name Brothers of Dalal to a camp for young people, run by the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s Supreme Council for Youth and Sports.

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