Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Surprise? NY Times Movie Review Packs Anti-Israel Propaganda Punch - by Ira Stoll

You could say it’s just six sentences in a movie review buried deep inside the Times arts section. But it nonetheless encapsulates a lot about Times attitudes toward Jews and Israel.

Ira Stoll..
07 March '17..

Sometimes the most telling words in New York Times coverage of Israel come not on the editorial page or the front page, but in the movie reviews.

Such is the case with a Times review of “The Settlers.”

The Times review, by staff editor Helen T. Verongos, includes these passages:

The film takes viewers into the living rooms (and, in one case, the yurt) of Jews who have moved onto Palestinian land. Packed with maps and facts, the documentary pointedly notes that the approximately 400,000 settlers stand in the way of peace by ensuring that the land will not revert to Palestinian control.

Some of today’s settlements of spacious homes with swimming pools have tunnels that allow residents to zip to Israel proper. Keeping settlers safe, the film notes, is costly….

Mr. Dotan talks to Palestinians whose olive groves have been disturbed by settlers or who have seen their land gobbled up by the illegal construction of outposts by renegades. Their frustrated accounts illuminate some subtexts for the rock-throwing boys of the Palestinian uprisings.

It’s an impressive feat to convey such a sweepingly one-sided view of the Israeli-Arab conflict in six sentences of a movie review, but there it is, a fine example of the whole narrative as seen from New York Times headquarters.

Let’s try to unpack the Times propaganda one sentence at a time.

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