Sunday, March 26, 2017

Terror Activist or Young Intellectual? Haaretz's Changing Story - by Hanan Amiur, Tamar Sternthal

Haaretz reported that Israeli forces killed Basil al-Araj, "among the younger generation of Palestinian intellectual and leaders of the boycott movement." Haaretz didn't say that he was also identified as the head of a terror cell planning attacks.

Hanan Amiur/Tamar Sternthal..
Media Analyses..
26 March '17..

Palestinian Basil Al-Araj was buried last Thursday near Bethlehem.

Why was Al-Araj killed in the prime of his youth?

Haaretz readers who saw the article by Jack Khoury and Gili Cohen ("Palestinian teenager shot and killed by IDF forcces near Hebron") in the March 19 print edition, or March 18 online here, would understand that Israeli forces killed him because he supported the boycott of Israel and Palestinian security coordination with Israel.

As the online edition stated:

The two funerals took place a day after the funeral of Basil al-Araj. Araj was shot and killed by police special forces on March 6 in Al-Bireh after they surrounded the house in which he was hiding. Araj, who Israel defined as a wanted person, was among the leaders of the boycott movement in the West Bank, and called for an end to security cooperation between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and his death led to protests against the PA. During the funeral hundreds called for revenge and an end to security cooperation with Israel.

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