Friday, March 31, 2017

The Abbas Legacy - by Elder of Ziyon

...No responsible Israeli leader could have made any real peace with Mahmoud Abbas. Everyone who is honest with themselves know this. And Abbas has ensured that the next few generations of Palestinian leaders will be just as bad. That will be his legacy.

Elder of Ziyon..
29 March '17..

Mahmoud Abbas' 82nd birthday was March 26.

We hear often that Israel has to make peace with Abbas because he is the most moderate leader the Palestinians ever had.

Even if that is true, what do these people anticipate will happen when Abbas is dead? That the Islamists who replace him would keep whatever agreement he supposedly would make?

Peace cannot be made with a person (and Abbas is the least charismatic person around.) Peace must be made between peoples, and Abu Mazen has ensured that his people will never want true peace with Israel.

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