Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Dhimmi Is As Dhimmi Does - by Sherri Oz

...Sure, Jews and Arabs get along just fine as long as we Jews know our place. As long as we know to stand at the bottom of the steps,...

Sherri Oz..
Israel Diaries..
19 March '17..

Let me show you how dhimmi status has become so psychologically ingrained that we do not even notice it.

You know how there are those among us who say we have to share sovereignty over the land with the Arabs who now call themselves Palestinians – two states for two peoples and all that! Anything less than that is occupation or apartheid.

You know that they say we have to look forward and not back (history be damned!). That we have to recognize that our holy sites are also holy to them too, and to respect their rights at those sites.

And then I have a conversation with a Jewish woman who was born in Hebron and believes all of that as well.

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