Tuesday, March 21, 2017

My Identity: Unapologetic Zionist Feminist - by Forest Rain

I know who I am. I know what a Zionist is. I know what a feminist is too. If you don’t, open a dictionary. Better yet – come to Israel and see for yourself.

Forest Rain..
Inspiration from Zion..
21 March '17..

This is not about Linda Sarsour.

This is about Jews who are afraid to identify themselves as Zionists. This is about people worldwide who hear the word “Zionist” and think about tanks vs “freedom fighters,” “occupiers” vs “oppressed” people.

This is about women who are put off by the title “feminist.” This is about women who happily identify themselves as feminists but do not think about women who live in less privileged countries.

This is about lies.

The problem with lies is not the lie itself or even the liar. It is only when listeners begin acting as if the lie is legitimate, as if it is the truth, that reality begins to warp.

Linda Sarsour is not the problem. She can announce that it is impossible to be a Zionist and a feminist until she is blue in the face. She can say whatever she wants, that’s her right (because she is lucky enough to live in America). Frankly, I don’t care what she says.

The problem is with all the people who listened and nodded. The people who pondered her words as if they were worthy of consideration and discussion.

The problem is with everyone who did not openly laugh in her face.

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