Sunday, March 12, 2017

NY Times Once Again Inaccurately Blames Israel for ‘Toxic’ Relations With Obama - by Ira Stoll

...Maybe if the newspaper revisits this history a third time, it will do better than the first two. An improvement would be something like: “Trump and Netanyahu are trying to shape a better relationship than Netanyahu had with Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, who alienated the Israeli public with missteps early in his administration.”

Ira Stoll..
10 March '17..

President Obama may be out of office, but the New York Times is nonetheless ramping up its efforts to revise the history of his relations with Israel.

A Times article last month by the newspaper’s new bureau chief in Jerusalem, Ian Fisher, blamed what it called a “notably frosty” relationship on “Israeli settlements in occupied territory, Israel’s vehement opposition to the nuclear deal with Iran and personality clashes with Mr. Netanyahu.” Writing in The Algemeiner, I faulted the Times both for its characterization of the relationship and for placing the blame for it all on Israel.

Now the Times is at it yet again, this time in a dispatch from Washington by a different reporter, Mark Landler, who more or less repeats the earlier Times narrative, but with a few new twists:

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