Sunday, March 19, 2017

Fallout from ESCWA continues as we can see exactly who the Jew-haters are - by Elder of Ziyon

...By the criteria of the report, we can safely declare most nations on the planet to be "apartheid states" where all people under the regimes are denied equal rights. But only one seems to get that label. And that proves, as well as anything can, that the critics of Israel are not interested in "human rights" but they simply cannot stomach the idea of the Jewish people having any national rights. Yes, this is a list of antisemites.

Elder of Ziyon..
18 March '17..

If you single out Israel as an apartheid state, the only one in the world with that appellation, you are an antisemite.

After UN ESCWA head Rima Khalaf resigned, she has been praised as "brave" for her stand. Of course, her term was up within two weeks, so there was no bravery involved whatsoever.

Who has praised the report and Rima Khalaf?

Mahmoud Abbas, who says he will give Khalaf the Palestinians' highest honor. (Maybe a bronzed suicide belt?)

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