Sunday, March 5, 2017

Polishing the Propaganda Machine, from Manchester to Brunel - by David Collier

...It has been a long week and despite one or two cancellations, the government, the university, and elements of our own leadership are letting us down. Our Jewish students *DO NOT FEEL SAFE*, and it is our duty to stand by them and make sure that changes. Even if every now and again, the photos don’t look pretty. The law is being abused to persecute Jews, attack Jewish identity, deny them their rights and intimidate them. Why treat it as strange? Jewish history suggests it isn’t strange at all.

David Collier..
Across the Great Divide..
03 March '17..

Last night, 2nd March 2017, I was in Brunel for yet another event during ‘Apartheid Week’. There is a difference between an argument shaped to reflect your perspective and delivering raw propaganda. Opposition to ‘Apartheid week’ is not about a difference of opinion. The endless distortion provided by speakers is supported by pillars of outright deceit. Those standing in front of the students on campus must *know* they are telling lies. They *know* they are purposefully omitting information. I have seen scores of speakers at dozens of events deliberately mislead students. This is fodder for the pulpit, not the campus.

This propaganda is designed to incite hatred towards the Jewish state. Logically, it has no other purpose. These events are created to sell an image of an Israel so twisted, so beyond ethical reach, that only mass global action will save the Palestinians from their fate. At the same time, the image has to be so terrifying, so inhumane, that someone walking onto a bus and killing civilians, becomes the understandable event born of lack of choice and frustration.

Only when both of these elements have been successfully delivered, is the true anti-Israel activist created. Therefore the movement has to take university students on a journey to accept horrific attacks against innocent Israeli civilians. A clear strategy of demonisation through propaganda. We have been here before.

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