Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The deafening silence of NGOs as an Arab hero is shunned for saving Jews - Elder of Ziyon

...they are silent. They condone Arab antisemitism by not saying a word when it manifests itself, and they shy away when given the chance to practice what they preach. And they certainly don't say anything when Arab murderers are honored. Their concern for human rights ends when the humans involved happen to be Jews - or even Arabs who don't consider Jews to be their enemy.

Rabbi Mark's funeral
Elder of Ziyon..
09 August '16..

In July, I reported about the Arab heroes who helped save the children of the fatally wounded Rabbi Miki Mark. Yet the names of the heroes were not publicized at that time. Only a little later did the New York Times report his name.

At the same time, Palestinians were honoring their versions of "heroes" - a group of children who had viciously attacked Jews with knives.

I wrote then:

The first set of Arabs, the true heroes, do not allow their names to be publicized [the NYT did publish their names afterwards - EoZ}. They don't want their neighbors and friends to know that they saved the lives of Jews.

The families of the second set of Arabs, terrorists who are treated as heroes, are very proud of their sons and are thrilled to announce the names and publish the photos of these murderers and would-be murderers to the world.

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  1. We need equality in the media if we are truly interested in peace. We support Israel 100%. We support Arabs who are peaceful and want democracy 100%. Palestinians could have peace if they would stop the terror attacks. It really is simple.