Sunday, August 14, 2016

Good Question. What Do Antisemites Do When Beat At Their Own Game? - by Sheri Oz

.In a propagandized world where images can be manipulated, it is important that you remember to detach all context from your images in order to create the most effective anti-Israeli propaganda materials. But to make sure it works, ensure that none of the videos escape online where they can be discovered by those who want to prove that you are manipulating reality for foreign consumption. In fact, this potentially wonderful anti-Israeli propaganda campaign fizzled out before it began just because of this darned video!

Sheri Oz..
Israel Diaries..
13 August '16..

Whether you make anti-Israel propaganda or combat it, here is how it is done! And here’s what to do when your hate propaganda is undone!

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Here is a great anti-Israeli propaganda campaign just waiting to happen. It looks horrific! Just seeing the image on this tweet tugs at your heart-strings. These big bad Israeli soldiers!

a Palestinian child raises his flag in front of the Israeli forces. His courage is more powerful than many words

But wait! Look closer! It appears that the soldier is holding out his hand to the child in kindness. So what is really going on?

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