Monday, August 1, 2016

At the crossings and road junctions: Scenes from a war - by Arnold Roth

...Not everyone sees things as we do. That's because not everyone sees security as a significant factor in keeping their own lives and those of their loved ones safe and intact. But those of us who do are very serious about it and very appreciative of those who make it happen.

Vehicles line up for security inspection at Huwwara 
(not yesterday) [Image Source]
Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
01 August '16..

Israel's internal security arrangements tend to get very bad press despite - or is it because? - they frequently prevent acts of terror from taking place.

We happen to believe strongly in security arrangements because when we say "human rights" we actually mean to be thinking, first and foremost, the human right of staying alive. It's a right that was denied our daughter Malki, murdered in a Hamas attack when she was fifteen, and a right the breach of which aroused, in simple terms, very little outrage by the human rights industry.

Yesterday (Sunday), a balmy summer day when much of the country was vacationing, provided several insights into how security works and who benefits. This is true not because yesterday was a special day but because it actually was not. And what's striking is that for all the arguing that security barriers are pointless, worthless, useless, ineffective because terrorists can easly avoid them, and a torture for those forced to endure them, the uncomfortable fact remains: malevolent people with weapons of death on their bodies or in their bags or cars keep turning up and keep getting caught.

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