Thursday, August 4, 2016

Surprise? Jumbled, Incoherent New York Times Op-Ed Slams Netanyahu - by Ricki Hollander

New York Times editors insist that an op-ed contributor "never gets to choose the headline." It is The Times' own staff who create and approve the headline. This begs the question of whether editors came up with a headline, then deliberately overlooked the illogic, contradictions and overall incoherence of the column in order to publish another anti-Netanyahu piece supporting their own attempts to smear the Israeli leader.

Ricki Hollander..
CAMERA Media Analyses..
01 August '16..

The editors of The New York Times Op-Ed page have declared that facts in op-ed submissions "must be supported and validated." They also claim to edit opinion columns that are "jumbled and disorderly" to clarify the arguments.

But they were either sound asleep on the job or decided to abandon these imperatives when they approved for publication the newspaper's latest opinion piece slamming Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Here the case against Netanyahu – made by free-lance journalist Ruth Margalit, who describes herself as "an Israeli writer living in New York" – was comprised of unsubstantiated accusations, self-contradictory assertions, and a jumble of unrelated non-sequiturs and innuendo – all under the rubric "How Benjamin Netanyahu Is Crushing Israel's Free Press."

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