Friday, August 5, 2016

Palestinian Authority leaders steal their people's future as well - by Dr. Haim Shine

Only the Palestinians continue to sit on their suitcases, which are slowly being emptied of their contents.

Dr. Haim Shine..
Israel Hayom..
04 August '16..

Throughout the years, Western countries and international organizations -- first and foremost the United Nations -- have poured billions of dollars into the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and Judea and Samaria. They have been so foolish, so negligent, and possibly even so malicious that they never bothered to check what was actually being done with all the money flowing into the swamps of the refugee camps.

Any thinking donor should have asked how the heads of Fatah and later senior officials in the Palestinian Authority, as well as their children and widows, turned into rich people with the world at their fingertips. But the donors took no interest in knowing that the personal and financial situation of millions of Palestinians had not improved, despite the generous money and support transferred to them. We needn't point out that if the donations had been doled out equally among families, all Palestinians could be living out their days comfortably in large homes.

Now it turns out that the leaders of Hamas, who lust after power and violence and supposedly are not greedy like the PA officials, funneled millions of dollars in aid toward building infrastructure from which to wage war against Israel. Instead of building homes, they built attack tunnels. Instead of founding kindergartens, they upgraded weapons. Instead of playgrounds, they built cemeteries. They bought missiles instead of pediatric clinics. In doing so, they sentenced the people they were supposed to have been caring for to atrophy, waste, and death. Heads of aid organizations cooperated with Hamas, and during Operation Protective Edge it turned out that aid stations had been turned into missile launching grounds.

Unfortunately, many good people in the West have been led astray by the Palestinian cult of victimhood. The Palestinians are portrayed as the most oppressed people on earth, so their suffering can be used to collect bribes. I have no doubt that at one time, Western countries believed it was possible to use money to bribe terrorist leaders and buy a respite from terrorist attacks.

Since 1948, the Palestinian leaders have been creating delusions, such as the one that the Zionist entity would soon be defeated, allowing the Palestinians and their families to go back to Shefayim, Gaash, Jaffa, Ramle, and Ramat Hasharon. That hope fed the Palestinians' willingness to suffer and be bogged down and not move forward. Guided by their leaders' blindness, they refuse to accept that the Jews in their own homeland are neither Crusaders nor soldiers of Saladin.

The moment the Palestinians realize that the Jews have come back to their homeland to stay forever, they will have real hope. Other Arab states have already understood the advantages of cooperation with the Israelis. Only the Palestinians continue to sit on their suitcases, which are slowly being emptied of their contents.

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