Tuesday, August 2, 2016

More ‘one man’s terrorist’ from the BBC - by Hadar Sela

...As Western countries increasingly struggle to deal with the rise of terrorism on their own streets, the millions of people getting their news from the world’s most influential broadcaster – including policy makers – are more than ever in need of clear and consistent reporting which adheres to those editorial standards and meets that remit.

Hadar Sela..
BBC Watch..
01 August '16..

Last week’s ninety-fourth anniversary of the Mandate for Palestine (together with the related amateur dramatics from the Palestinian Authority) might perhaps have prompted audiences to search BBC websites for more information on the subject of the League of Nations.

Most of the information turned up by such a search appears on BBC educational sites – for example here, here, here and the rather bizarre video here. Audiences would also find an article from 2011 by historian Charles Townshend on an archived (but accessible) page of the BBC’s History website titled “The League of Nations and the United Nations” which includes an ‘added extra’ towards the end.

Beyond the fact that in more than five years since this article’s appearance the BBC has not noticed that it promotes the inaccuracy “President Assad of Egypt”, we see here unqualified promotion of the ‘one man’s terrorist’ cliché.

“Members of Hamas (the Islamic resistance movement), and the Islamic Jihad organisation, may be terrorists to the government of Israel, but to others they are fighters against oppression.”

As has been noted here before, that approach is employed by those who confuse (intentionally or not) the means – terrorism – with the end.

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