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Why Does Israeli PM Hopeful Benny Gantz Makes Himself a Stooge For Jew-Haters? - by Sheri Oz

I can only wish those campaigning for our votes were wise enough to realize that their campaign materials are not only seen by Israelis but by a world that judges us as harshly as it can.

Sheri Oz..
Israel Diaries..
24 January '19..

Benny Gantz’s election campaign videos are being used by Electronic Intifada to tar and feather Israel. When this is your starting point:

. . . Gantz, like Netanyahu, is accurately reflecting the desires and fantasies of an Israeli public that views the willingness to shed the blood of defenseless Palestinians caged in ghettos after decades of expulsion and military occupation as the truest measure of leadership.

then there is not much they think Israel can do right other than vacate all the land like Hamas and the PLO would like to see happen. In fact, co-founder of Electronic Intifada, Ali Abunimah, has written a book proposing the one-state solution that solves the Israeli-“Palestinian” problem by ensuring that the Jews in Israel (and Christians and Baha’i) go down the same path as non-Muslims (or Muslims of the wrong kind) in the rest of the Arab world.

Therefore I can only imagine his glee when he set his eyes upon Gantz’s misguided campaign materials and the only positive thing I can say about the Electronic Intifada article is that they translated the videos accurately. First let us look at Abunimah’s justification for hating Israel, as stated in the quote above, and then I will talk about the videos Gantz put out.

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