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Israeli and Palestinian drivers celebrate game-changer new road, while critics (surprise) accuse Israel of ‘apartheid’ - by Josh Hasten

What critics of the project failed to mention is that the motorists themselves, both Jews and Arabs alike, are praising the new Eastern Ring road, Route 4370, as being a game-changer in alleviating the recurrent traffic jams in the area.

Josh Hasten..
19 January '19..

Once again, Israel found itself under attack by international media, left-wing non-governmental organizations and the Palestinian Authority, but this time for a different reason—they simultaneously accused the Jewish state of carrying out a policy of apartheid against its Arab population.

The firestorm of allegations followed the opening of a new 5-kilometer (3.1 miles) stretch of highway to the east of Jerusalem, which contains separate lanes for Israeli citizen and non-citizen traffic divided by a concrete wall with a fence on top.

Motorists and Israeli officials, however, are praising the new Eastern Ring road, Route 4370, which bypasses an overtaxed entrance to Jerusalem, as a game-changer that is already alleviating the recurrent and maddening traffic jams in the area.

Jewish and Arab leaders participated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony earlier this month launching traffic on the new road.

In response to the rampant accusations that the segregated road represents a form of apartheid, Rachel Greenspan, senior advisor for foreign affairs and media to Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion, told JNS that “this road represents the exact opposite of apartheid, by easing congestion and movement for the city’s Arab residents, especially those in the Shuafat Camp and in Issawiyya.”

She added that “this road will allow Arab and Jewish residents alike to move throughout the city more efficiently, improving day-to-day life for all.”

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