Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The NY Times Trashes Israel Yet Again - by Mitchell Bard

...next door in Syria, thousands of civilians, many of them Palestinians and, undoubtedly, medical personnel, are slaughtered by Iranian, Russian, and Syrian troops. It would take a reporter one day to verify the killings there, rather than an army of investigative journalists. But where is that front-page story? And why aren’t this and other genocidal wars given the kind of publicity reserved only for Israel?

Mitchell Bard..
07 January '19..

Reading New York Times stories and op-eds about Jews and Israel reminds me of Ronald Reagan’s classic debate response to Jimmy Carter: “There you go again.” People often ask why the paper has such an animus, and while many reasons have been proffered, none completely explain the obsession with criticizing the Jewish people and their homeland.

During the 20th century, some people believed that the paper bent over backwards to show it was not biased in favor of Jews because of its Jewish ownership. This was one explanation given for its coverage of the Holocaust, which will forever be a stain on the newspaper’s reputation.

In more recent years, the paper has focused its ire on Israel. Again, there are a variety of explanations. One is that Jews are news and papers report primarily bad news; therefore, it is inevitable that coverage of Israel will be negative. Another is that the Palestinians are viewed as underdogs, and journalists like to view themselves as defenders of the persecuted. Yet another reason given is ignorance; most journalists don’t speak Arabic or Hebrew, don’t know the history of the region, and tend to believe that the record begins when they arrive on the scene.

Some journalists are hostile to Israel for personal reasons, whether it is because they’ve bought into Palestinian propaganda or actually believe Jews and Israel deserve blame. Then there is the unique case of Thomas Friedman, a brilliant writer whose professions of love for Israel lead him to color his reporting based on whether Israeli policy is consistent with what Prime Minister Friedman would do.

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