Sunday, January 20, 2019

Surprise? NY Times Abuses Martin Luther King’s Legacy to Attack Israel - by Simon Plosker

Ultimately, Michelle Alexander has sullied the legacy of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. with her assault on Israel, aided and abetted by the New York Times, which continues to up the ante in its efforts to single out Israel for crude special treatment.

Simon Plosker..
20 January '19..

At a time of increasing tension in the US surrounding identity politics and the antisemitism afflicting the Women’s March movement, trust the New York Times to add to the toxic mix just in time to commemorate Martin Luther King Day.

There’s something ironic in the NY Times’ headline given that the newspaper is one of Israel’s most strident critics, frequently publishing news and opinion pieces about Israel. Hardly much of a need to “Break the Silence on Palestine.”

It’s sad that Alexander looks to Martin Luther King as her justification for penning an op-ed of over 2,000 words attacking Israel. She writes:

if we are to honor King’s message and not merely the man, we must condemn Israel’s actions: unrelenting violations of international law, continued occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza, home demolitions and land confiscations. We must cry out at the treatment of Palestinians at checkpoints, the routine searches of their homes and restrictions on their movements, and the severely limited access to decent housing, schools, food, hospitals and water that many of them face.

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