Thursday, January 10, 2019

An early and strong contender for the most ridiculous anti-Israel article of 2019 - by Emanuel Miller

...While there’s certainly plenty of room to discuss Israel’s policies, the relentless focusing on every aspect of Israel’s existence in the international media from all kinds of angles demonstrates why so many regard the media as fixated on the Jewish state. In that spirit we say: Leaf Israel alone.

Emanuel Miller..
Honest Reporting..
08 January '19..

2019 may have only just begun but already we have a strong contender for the most ridiculous anti-Israel article of the year.

Although the Financial Times sells itself as a reliable source of information, a recent piece left the HonestReporting team astounded. An article by academic Shela Sheikh entitled “Corinne Silva: Plants, Power and the Israeli State” attacks Israeli shrubs and trees for “erasing memory” of other peoples.

Yes, plants.

While there certainly is value in researching how plants and infrastructure affect the public sphere and a society’s social fabric, the depth of analysis on Israeli plants and gardens reveals quite a lot more about the researcher’s and writer’s state of mind than it does anything else. For the more academically-inclined among us, we found it useful to periodically remind ourselves – this article is about gardens. Not guns or tanks, not fences or walls, but gardens.

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