Monday, August 28, 2017

Having murderers as role models is important for Palestinian children, yes? (+video) - PMW

Women who hijacked planes and murdered Israeli civilians carried out “wonderful acts of heroism,” according to a Palestinian psychologist interviewed on the official PA TV program Our Ethics. Citing the female “heroes” she felt were examples for other Palestinian women, psychologist Jultan Hijazi mentioned Laila Khaled, who participated in 2 plane hijackings, Dalal Mughrabi who led a bus hijacking and the murder of 37, Fatima Barnawi who placed a bomb in a cinema, and the “mother of Martyr Muhammad Farahat,” who led her son to his terror attack in which he murdered five young students.

Itamar Marcus..
Palestinian Media Watch..
27 August '17..

After citing these and other examples of Palestinian women involved in terror and murder, the Palestinian psychologist indicated their importance for youth because “women carry out a large role in the children's psychological preparation.” It seems that according to Hijazi, having murderers as role models is important for Palestinian children.

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