Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Sorry, But ‘Resistance Journalism’ Still Doesn’t Deserve Press Credentials - by Pesach Benson

...He’s not directly employed by terror groups or their direct media affiliates. (That would open a separate discussion on the blurred lines between terror propaganda and legitimate journalism). What Karram’s really saying is that he doesn’t have to bloody his own hands because he can do more from his position as Tinderbox City’s bureau chief cheering on the violence and spinning it according to the needs of the “resistance.”

Pesach Benson..
Honest Reporting..
22 August '17..

The Government Press Office held a hearing for Al Jazeera’s Israeli-Arab reporter Elias Karram.

The GPO revoked Karram’s press credentials last week after an interview surfaced in which the Al Jazeera Jerusalem bureau chief said that journalists like himself sided with the Palestinians as part of their “resistance” to Israel. The hearing was essentially about whether to reinstate his accreditation.

Karam said in an interview to the Muslim Brotherhood television channel Dar Al-Iman in May 2016 that “as a Palestinian journalist who is in an occupied area or a conflict area, journalistic work is an integral part of the resistance and of political and educational action.

A journalist fulfills his role in the resistance through his pen, voice or camera, because he is part of this nation and is resisting in his unique way,” he added.

At Monday’s hearing, Karram told the GPO that “the resistance he spoke about was not a violent one, adding that he denounces the use of violence.”

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