Thursday, August 17, 2017

What Farewell Letters Have to Say About the Motives Of A Suicide Terrorist - by Sheri Oz

...Given the recent video of adults apparently approving the kids playing a game of shooting Israeli soldiers with toy guns, we might wonder how much children will continue to have to worry about whether or not their parents approve of them becoming suicide terrorists.

Sheri Oz..
Israel Diaries..
17 August '17..

The most selfish individuals in the collectivist societies within which suicide terrorists are cultivated are their leaders. I have not yet heard of a leader in the Palestinian Authority offering up his or her son or daughter on the altar of martyrdom. So how do they get other peoples’ kids to take up the knife, the explosive belt or get behind the wheel to kill themselves for the “greater good”? And how do they get other kids’ parents to ululate and hand out candies instead of weep in pain?

Academic journals publish studies seeking to understand what makes someone set out from home one day with the purpose of wiping himself or herself off the face of earth, taking along as many of the Zionist enemy as possible. First I will summarize the extant approaches for studying the phenomenon and then I will present the results of a new and fascinating piece of research.

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