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Israel, Academic Lies and What Passes For Scholarship! - by Sheri Oz

...So — do you consider withholding part of the story as lying when the withholding leads to a false impression? I do. Now, why would Wilmer want to give this false impression?

Sheri Oz..
Israel Diaries..
24 August '17..

In critiquing an academic paper that was published in the journal, International Relations and Diplomacy, I found a blatant lie that made my blood boil. In another post critiquing this same article, I showed how common myths demonizing Israel have found their way into scholarly writing published in academic journals. Here I want to contest one point only.

In the February 2017 issue of the journal, Prof Franke Wilmer published an article entitled, Victimization, Empathy, and Breaking the Cycles of Violence in Israel and Palestine. On page 75, in her conclusions, she makes the following statement:

Doubi Schwartz, former General Manager of the Parents Circle Families Forum, a group of 600 families from both sides who have lost loved ones to the violent conflict, explained that members of the organization visit high schools in teams of one Palestinian and one Israeli family member to tell their stories of loss and their plea for peace and nonviolence. “Some of the schools in Israel will not let us bring a Palestinian in, and for many who do, it is the first time they have encountered someone from the other side”. [emphasis mine]

The lie is shown in bold font. I explored the organization’s website looking for material regarding the high school project. Finding nothing but old news, I called the Israeli office of the Parents Circle Family Forum and spoke with Iris Meisler, the office manager, who asserted that they are working on the website to bring it up to date and she was willing to answer my questions.

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